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Health is one of the most important human values ​​that we all deserve.
Sitting at work, the pace of life faster and faster, modern technologies that, although useful, are unfortunately a source of civilization diseases. Disorders acquired during work, sports injuries or traffic accidents. All this means that we do not feel completely at ease and that we can not enjoy the charms of life in 100%. Fortunately, physiotherapy comes to the rescue.

We are here for you.

We are a young and energetic team of physiotherapists with many years of experience.
Work as a physiotherapist is the result of our passion for a healthy lifestyle. This active mode and sport encouraged us to develop in a physiotherapist. We want to share our passion so that each of our patients can enjoy a good form.
We are for you and for your health.

Justyna Schulz, M.Sc.

Therapist with 17 years of experience in the treatment of various pathologies - orthopedics, neurology, pediatrics and others.

I am a dynamic and sensitive therapist. I graduated from the physiotherapy department of the University of Physical Education in Warsaw with a master's degree. In 2010, I graduated from Sutherland College osteopathic studies. In addition, I participated in numerous postgraduate courses (Fascial Therapy, Neuromobilizations, PNF, Cranio Sacral Therapy).

In 2009, I moved to France, where I opened my office a year later, in which I worked until the end of 2017. I actively participate in many sports - pole dance, fitness, swimming, cycling, mountaineering, windsurfing.

Tomasz Schulz, M.Sc.

Physiotherapist with over ten years of experience.
During my career I worked in one of the best rehabilitation centers in Poland. In 2009, wishing to broaden my professional experience, I went to France, where I ran my own
office, and since 2015 I have been working in Geneva.
After graduating with a master's degree I broaden my knowledge in the field of physiotherapy every year, participating in specialized postgraduate courses,
conducted by instructors with international recognition.

Kaltenborn Manual Therapy

Fascial Therapy (Stecco, FDM), Kinesiology Taping, Master Therapies (Sling Exercises

I specialize in the treatment of sports injuries, orthopedics, manipulations / mobilizations and Fascial Therapy. I actively practice climbing, mountaineering, martial arts, skiing, windsurfing.

Working as physiotherapists is the result of our passion for a healthy lifestyle. This
active lifestyle and sport encouraged us to develop ourselves in the area of physiotherapy. We want to share our passion with you so that each of our patients can enjoy a good form.
We are for you and for your health.
Chemin de la Petite-Boissière 44
1208 Genève Suisse

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